assistant professor
Korpus "И", section 3, room 413

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Polina Kakin graduated SPSU (High energy and elementary particles physics department) with a master's degree in 2014.

She obtained a PhD degree in 2017 under supervision of prof. N.V. Antonov; the thesis title was "Critical behavior of some highly non-equilibrium systems".

Scientific interests: critical behavior theory, turbulence, renormalization group, representation theory.

Grants, scholarships, awards:

  • RFBR grant for young scientists, 2018;
  • DAAD and SPSU «Dmitrij Mendeleev» scholarship, 2016;
  • St. Petersburg's Government grant for Phd students, 2016;
  • Russian Government scholarship for Phd students, 2016-2018;
  • Bruno Rossi diploma for the best new talents, International School for Subnuclear Physics, Erice, Italy, 2016.

Classes: "Classic field theory (workshop)", spring term, 3rd year of undergraduate school; "Quantum electrodynamics (workshop)", fall term, 4th year of undergraduate school.