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Areas of research activity.

Phenomenology of particle and nuclear interactions at intermediate and high energies: models with effective many-fermion interaction, chiral and non-chiral quark models for hadronization and their matching to QCD, effective meson Lagrangians, restoration of chiral symmetry at high energies and/or dense and hot nuclear matter, local parity breaking in hot and dense nuclear matter and search its manifestation on relativistic heavy-ion colliders, extended models of electroweak interactions, composite Higgs particles, axion particles and their influence on cosmology, accelerating universe, dark energy and phantom cosmologies, domain-wall formation by matter and gravity in dimensions higher than four and therefrom dark matter candidates, cosmological constantproblem, Higgs boson-dilaton effective action for cosmological evolution, boundson Lorentz and CPT symmetry breaking in the laboratory and astrophysical observations, black holes in brane worlds and search for black hole production on high-energy colliders.

Research programs for heavy ion colliders: JINR-Dubna NICA, LHC- ALICE and CMS detectors, HADES detector and FAIR GSI, RHIC BNL - PHENIX and STAR detectors, and future e+e− colliders. Terrestrial and extraterrestrial astrophysical experiments,among them measuring the CMBR and properties of large-scale universe.

Mathematical problems in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory: chiral and conformal anomalies in path integral approach, quantization of chiral fermion models, dynamical (Chiral, Lorentz, CPT etc.) symmetry breaking, the bosonization of fermion currents and the hadronization of QCD, quantum effective action at low energies and its derivative expansion in QFT, spectral action for Noncommutative Standard Model, higher dimensional gravity and geometries with horizons, nonlinear supersymmetry, parasupersymmetry, q-deformed symmetry and hidden dynamical symmetry in Quantum Mechanics, PT-symmetric and/or non-diagonalizable non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with exceptional points and spectral singularities, mathematical cosmology of non-Hermitian Lagrangians, canonical gravity quantization and Wheeler-DeWitt equations.

Quantum Information theory: entanglement and decoherence phenomenon.